My Resume/CV

Since I started my career over 30 years ago, I have compiled what I think is a pretty impressive CV.

Whilst I don’t begrudge anyone their success on YouTube or Instagram, I am an old school Hollywood film maker. I have done the ‘hard yards’, I have grafted and worked the most stupid hours using the most toxic chemicals for days on end.

Huge Hollywood blockbusters to independent movies and TV soap operas…I have done them all.

But at the end of the day, I love what I do and I always have done…It’s like a drug to me and as I approach my 50th year, it shows no signs of allowing me to withdraw from its grasp.

I just love creating monsters.

Here is a few things I have worked on.

  • Avengers:  Age  of  Ultron
  • Game  of  Thrones  season  4
  • Dracula  Untold
  • Jupiter  Accending
  • Captain  America:  The  First  Avenger
  • World  War  Z
  • Grabbers
  • Gladiators  V  Werewolves:  The  Edge  of
  • Empire
  • Harry  Potter  &  the  Deathly  Hollows
  • Part  1  &  2
  • The  Scouting  book  for  Boys
  • Demons  (ITV)
  • Merlin  (BBC)
  • Harry  Potter  &  the  Half  Blood  Prince
  • Sweeney  Todd
  • 1408
  • The  Dark  is  Rising
  • Fred  Claus
  • Inkheart
  • Stardust
  • Harry  Potter  &  the  Order  of  the
  • Phoenix
  • Children  of  Men
  • Sunshine
  • The  Da  Vinci  Code
  • Robbie  Williams  ‘Rock  DJ’  Pop  Promo
  • Harry  Potter  &  the  Philosopher’s  Stone
  • From  Hell
  • The  Bunker
  • Ginger  Snaps
  • Don  Quixote
  • Mission  Impossible  2
  • Sleepy  Hollow
  • The  Mummy
  • Star  Wars  Episode  1:  The  Phantom  Menace
  • Merlin  (part  of  the  Emmy  Award  winning  make
  • up  team)
  • Mortal  Kombat:  Annihilation
  • The  Fifth  Element
  • The  Killer  Tongue
  • Hellraiser  4:  Bloodline
  • Alien  3
  • Hellraiser  3:  Hell  on  earth
  • Waxwork  2:  Lost  in  Time
  • Children  of  the  corn  2:  Deadly  Harvest
  • Shirley  Valentine
  • The  Lord  of  Illusions
  • Hardware
  • Harry  Potter  &  the  Goblet  of  Fire
  • The  Last  Samurai
  • Harry  Potter  &  the  Prisoner  of  Azkaban
  • Harry  Potter  &  the  Chamber  of  Secrets
  • Star  Wars  Episode  2:  Attack  of  the  Clones
  • Below
  • Nightbreed